Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sewing is for the birds...

Biscuit, our little sun conure, loved his little 'hidey-hut' to death. Here's what I pulled out of his cage last night. He snuggles in it all the time and when I uncover him in the morning, he's usually laying in it, on his back -- it's just the cutest thing! But I think it may have pissed him off once or twice too, from the shape it's in.
In shreds!

I had some fleece left from from the little sweaters that I made for Patsy and Edwina and decided to make Biscuit a new bed. I sewed in a piece of matboard to give it a tent-like shape. He tried to help with the sewing -- wonderful.
It's a new monogrammed bed...
Yes, the birds are spoiled.

Here's the Biscuit, with his newly remodeled bedroom. He was squawking about a hot tub, but even I think that's pushing it...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back from the dead....

Been down with a nasty crud for the last couple of weeks and I'm finally feeling human again. Not too energized yet, but little by little, coming back to myself.
Feeling well enough to start on Ballycroy...again! I really have to go to Ireland and see all this in person. This is the second mural of the town Ballycroy and the fourth time that I'm painting Cleary's Pub. I think I'm ready to go have a pint in person!
This time the mural will be 4 x 12 foot and it's going in a private home. It's for another member of the Campbell clan. This time I'm working at home and installing the mural when it's done. Thank god, i don't have to make that hour-long drive every for six weeks or so, with these crazy gas prices! Tjay built me a frame onto the entry hall wall, so that I was able to mount the canvas and work that way. Good thing, bcause I've never seen any 12 foot stretcher bars..
I may not get any really good pictures till this is installed -- really wonky angles. I wish i could back up to look at it too, but I can't get far enough back for a good perspective.

View from the left

From the right