Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Grandkid quilts and bad batt

All that's left is the binding on these quickie quilts. the colors are not that glaring and hideous in person...@@ I spent entirely too many hours pin basting these. I grabbed a king sized pack of Mountain Mist 100% Polyester batting to cut up, since these were 48 and 54 inches square. What a nightmare!! They must have had this crap on the shelf for years. Only the center was usable -- a couple feet on the inside and outside were about as thick as interfacing. I tried and tried, but I...could...not...make...it...flat! Argghhhh. Lumpy nasty stuff. I wrote to Mountain Mist and complained. I got back a very nice letter from their customer service rep, apologizing and offering some suggestions on how to 'fix' the batting (didn't work) and they are sending me a replacement. I guess it pays to open your yap sometimes.

The red one has some thick fuzzy flannel shirting for backing.

This one is for the 'baby' and I backed ot with one of those ultrasoft-don't-wanna-stop-touching-it-microfiber thingies.

Bead Emroidered Neckpieces

Embroidered on Stiff Stuff, using C-lon backed with the softest leather ever.

Pearls, crystals, seed beeds, dichoic glass, amethyst chips and briolettes, and a quartz cabachon. Still haven't figured out what to do for a 'chain' for this piece-- maybe some kind of a beaded spiral rope?

At the last gem show I went to, I bought a bunch of beautiful agate slices. This one is dyed and measures almost 5 inches. Also pearls, dichroic glass and seed beads. I think it need some brach fringe -- lots of it!

Monday, December 3, 2007

For grandson #2

For Paulie
Mittens, trees, snowmen and snowflakes! 2 hours!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kid quilts

Making some Christmas quilts for the kiddos. I bought a bunch of Xmas charm squares - 400 for $20! Perfect for some quickie quilts. Enough to make at least 3 lap sized quilts.

This one for Brendan took me about an hour and a half to sew up.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Fractured Quilt Challenge

Had a blast working on the Fractured Quilt Challenge that Tomme Fent put together. It was just hard to send it off -- I was getting pretty fond of it...
Got the new issue of Quilting Arts the day before I sent it and would have happily embellished it to kingdom come. I may make another just to play with. The new QA has gobs of surface design techniques!

The 4 finished pieces


Closer detail -- Pentel dye sticks, cool threads, pearls, angelina fibers...much fun!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wall hanging

Quilted Celtic kitties for Eileen's birthday

Progress on TJay's table

Work continues on the French braid quilt...

The strips are all done and trimmed -- still have to sew them together and add the birders. Have no idea, where the hell I'm going to find a large enough space to lay out the quilt sandwich and do the basting. It'll be about 110'...

Derek Warfield at PJ's

Derek Warfield - formerly of the WolfeTones played at PJ's! What a blast!!

Let the dancing begin!

Beer sign

New blackboard at PJ's -- done in pastels

Opening night at PJ McIntyres. Outstanding turnout and the band Lunasa played.

Tommy Leneghan and Pat Campbell

There's Himself and Chris Campbell

The Ladies of the Clan

My Mom and Maria...IN A PUB!!

Me and some of the the Boyos...

So behind in blogging...

These were from the last changes before the opening...finally posting.

Cleary's pub--finished

Rock sign in Ballycroy

The sheep in the road...

Paddy Campbell bringing in the turf

Sunday, September 9, 2007

9/08 Details

Leneghan house details

Campbell house details

Cottage details

Background fields

Right side fields


Amphitheater at night - Taste of Cleveland


More work on Cleary's Pub

Knotwork finished

Saturday, 8/26

Design for stencil

Cut stencil

Colonial Boy sign

Sign with knotwork placement

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday -- 90 degrees at PJs

Tommy's lovely mom and sweet Aunt Ann came in today to help me make sure everything is placed right. We went for a lunch and had such a nice visit. The chairs and tables from Ireland cane in and we all went up to take a look...

I LOVE these ladies!!


Layout for Kathleen's Kitchen

Panorama of the whole mural -- sorry about the glare!

Pat -- the odd-looking thing on the left will be the front of the old chapel at Fahy. Aunt Ann says there's no roof and it's long deserted. I thought it would look cool with the gravestones around it. Also, note that there are 2 Cleary's on the right. Let me know which spot you like better. The cows and sheep will be in that spot just below and to the right of the Campbell house. They're drawn, you just can't see them in the photo... Moo

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rainy Sunday

Worked on the Colonial Boy sign some more today and laid out the grid for Celtic knotwork on Kathleen's Kitchen. Got a general layout on the big mural of Ballycroy put in, but I'm trying to hold off on painting anything in, until I can talk to Tommy's Aunt Ann. Everyone says that she's the expert on precisely where everything is actually located.
A lot more tile work is done. I like the green ones. The blue ones seem to me to be 'off ' somehow.

The blue sections of tile.

The green sections of tile.

Window side of the bar is almost done.

Approximate layout of the Campbell house.

Sign for the men's room.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kind of fun

You Are 91% Creative

You are an incredibly creative person. For you, there are no bounds or limits to your creativity.
Your next creation could be something very great... Or at least very cool!

Wednesday work at PJ McIntyres

I met your Mom today, Patrick -- what a lovely lady!

I re-worked the sky todayto accomodate the mountain showing through the clouds.

Floor tiles are going in

Detail of tiles

Putting up the road sign

Detail of the sign