Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Grandkid quilts and bad batt

All that's left is the binding on these quickie quilts. the colors are not that glaring and hideous in person...@@ I spent entirely too many hours pin basting these. I grabbed a king sized pack of Mountain Mist 100% Polyester batting to cut up, since these were 48 and 54 inches square. What a nightmare!! They must have had this crap on the shelf for years. Only the center was usable -- a couple feet on the inside and outside were about as thick as interfacing. I tried and tried, but I...could...not...make...it...flat! Argghhhh. Lumpy nasty stuff. I wrote to Mountain Mist and complained. I got back a very nice letter from their customer service rep, apologizing and offering some suggestions on how to 'fix' the batting (didn't work) and they are sending me a replacement. I guess it pays to open your yap sometimes.

The red one has some thick fuzzy flannel shirting for backing.

This one is for the 'baby' and I backed ot with one of those ultrasoft-don't-wanna-stop-touching-it-microfiber thingies.

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