Thursday, December 16, 2010

I can't feel my fingers!

Okay, maybe I need just a little break from the snow-dyeing.  
My fingertips are numb. 
And pruney. 
And really colorful.
It's just stupid cold outside.
Remember that line in Kalifornia, when Brad Pitt said "Cold weather make people stupid."
That's me tonight. 
I went to shake up a fresh quart bottle of golden yellow. A big ole bottle. But I hadn't tightened the lid. At all. Me and the laundry room are looking a little jaundiced now... What a mess!
Thank god it wasn't red!
I've dyed about 50 yards this week and when I do something that dumb, it's time for a break.

But also, I'm out of fabric. 

 Last night fabrics, all washed, dried and ready to press

 Tonight's work, mostly cleaned up...

You know, The Break will only last until I buy more fabric tomorrow.

Oh, and check out the new fabrics by clicking on the tab above. I really like the new pages options. Hope you do too. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

And so it begins.

I've never been so happy to see the first snows -- woohoo!  We only got a couple of inches last week, but I did scrape up enough of the white stuff, for two batches of snow dyeing.

 Fabric soaked, scrunched and laid on screens last week.

 Old plastic drawers (from those 'rolling organizers', you know --  the ones where the castors break as soon as you actually 'roll' them someplace...) for supporting old window screens. Fabric and snow in place, ready for some color!

 Now it's all about the wait.

 This old storm door screen is my favorite. 
I can dye 8-10 generous yards on this screen over the double laundry sink.

click on photo for larger view
End of the bolt -- only about 20 inches, but so pretty! 
To see more, check on the new Fabric tab near the top of the page.

Got a few inches last night, so back to it for me!

Another mystery block from Paper Panache.
Isn't he adorable?

Sunday, December 5, 2010


TJay brought me home some recycled rubber pads that are used under pallets at his job. They throw them away, but he thought I might be able to used them. He's getting good at spotting stuff that feeds my creative soul...bless his heart!  These things are about 48 x 18 inches and 1/16th of an inch thick and pretty easy to cut with scissors. TJay sawed up some of his scrap wood for mounting and I was off and running!

Oh the possibilities!
I can actually fell the OCD kicking in -- lol!

Here's what I have so far....
I have a few hundred pounds of these sheets...
If anyone is in the Cleveland area, let me know if you would like some. I'm more than happy to share!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December and 20% off!

It's snowing and I'm excitedly looking forward to more snow-dyeing!! Yay!!!
I need to make some space, so take 20% off of all the snow-dyed fabrics from last winter/spring.
Links to the fabrics are at the top right of the page.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! :)