Sunday, May 23, 2010

Screen printing on fabric with a hand-cut stencil and dye paste

The stencil and the part I cut out. I cut these from heavyweight stencil film.

First prints using a silk screen with dye paste.

I liked it so much that I grabbed a pile of fabric, gave it a quick soak with soda ash and kept at it.

A print printed off of the print. (say that 5 times really fast)
I was a little heavy-handed with the dye, so I pulled some ghost prints.

Another panel

Using a brayer to take the ghost print with a second piece of fabric.

Backyard buddies

Not sure if that's a Beatles haircut or if he's wearing a visor.
Maybe Hollywood shades?
Sure cute though!

Second generation of the season and destroyer of precious berry bushes...
Still cute...

And Momma Squirrel is prepping a nest for her baby(ies)

Direct prints w/ lino-cuts and deconstructed screen prints

I used a couple of my lino-cuts to load some screens with dye paste and this was a direct print of I made to use up the dye left on the lino.
Kinda cool -- much different then the original prints on paper.
Looks like a moose sprouted up under the tree...

Dye left on the other piece of lino printed onto fabric

Here's the screen print version

The screens for the rest of these were just made by loading the dye paste over a bunch of big buttons. I really like the way these came out.
Kind of a steampunk look...

More Shibori discharged fabrics.

Black Kona with bleach discharge

Detail of a sort of spotted animal looking piece.

Field of tall dry grass maybe.

Little pieces. these are each about the size of a silk screen. I made these when I was loading the screens for deconstructed printing.
It's just the dye paste left on the stuff I used underneath the screens.