Thursday, February 25, 2010

Puzzle Challenge

My Alzheimer's Brain Quilt for the Three Creative Studios Challenge

-- dedicated to my Uncle Ivan

This is three layers, batting, stabilizer and fabric.
Lots of satin stitching and some bobbin work


Brain Quilt
14 x 18

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow-dyeing - Day 6 -- results


Detail of above


Detail of above

This piece was odd.
It's just a 20 inch strip from the end of a bolt.
I dumped the last bit of every every color of dye on it.
It came out pink...

#43 -- Back


Detail from back

Pebble pattern from white-on-white
(used in pieces directly above and below)

#42 - sold

Detail of above


Detail of above

#40 -- Sold

Detail of above...typical Cleveland sky.
How nice -- we made the top of the Most Miserable City list. :(

Also Detail of above


Detail of above


Detail of above

# 37

Detail of above

# 36 -- Sold

Detail of above

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow-dyeing - Day 5 -- results

This batch is done with cotton sateen -- very nice hand.

#35 - SOLD
36 x 44

36 x 44

Detail of above

36 x 44

Detail of above

#32 -- SOLD
36 x 44

Detail of above shows marble-like veins

#31 -- SOLD
36 x 44

Detail of above

Over-dyed on what I like to call 'get-the-hazmat-suit-green'.

Detail of above

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow-dyeing - Day 4 -- results

Fabrics from day 4.
These are on Dharma's cotton print cloth

I folded this one, just to see what would happen.

UV, Raspberry, teal and yellow in each corner.
I don't care for all the white on this piece, but the color parts are pretty interesting.
I see female and male reproductive parts all over this one.

Detail of above
Looks like an oil painting to me

#28 Sold
Brightest green and teal

#27 -- SOLD!

Snake or an arrow?

# 26 -- SOLD!

This looks kind of underwatery to me.

#25 -- SOLD
This must have been in the middle and picked up colors from every direction!

Detail of above

Another detail

Another multi-color

Detail of above

Red Raspberry and yellow

Love this one -- feels really festive to me.
Like I could wear it at Carnival...with feathers and beads

Detail of above
Another detail

#22 -sold
Multi color

Detail of above

#21 -- Sold
Another Multi

Detail of above

#20 -- SOLD
Love this piece. It almost glows.