Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crazy sky tonight

While we were having dinner, I glanced through the patio door and thought that the trees looked way too bright for six in the evening. so i grabbed the camera and ran outside.

Everything was lit up!

Looking west

Then I turned around and was treated to a fantastic rainbow!

Sunset rainbows are the best.

I turned back to the west and the sky was on fire...

More DSP

This was on an indigo dyed piece -- pretty happy with this one

I just tossed some wooden cut-out shapes under the screen to see what would happen.
The shapes were too...I don't know, too solid.
Not what I want from DSP...

This was left on the screen after I used it on the fabric below.
I need more cheesy plastic doilies!

The only fabric from the parfait bunch that wasn't too dark to print.

Full progression of one screen -- 12 passes

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quilts for Kids

These go so quick. The folks at Downy send you the fabric and you just supply the batting and the time to sew and quilt.
Downy Quilts for Kids

Never assume...

I found some mx dyes in the back of the studio fridge (not a food fridge -- don't worry) and I assumed that since they've been there for several months, they would be weak. I wanted some lighter colored fabric for DSP, so I stuffed a couple BIG jars of with fabric and layers of dyes and set them on top of the water heater for a few days.
Well, the fabric is nice enough, but it's all too dark for screen printing. It's actually much darker than in the photos. I guess the dye was still good...

DSP on indigo dyed fabric

Discharged shibori

This was Kona black and about the longest I've ever left the bleach on.
I really like the pattern

This was Kelly green cotton sateen and it discharged to blue and then pink -- weird!

Rusty things

Some little tin tree cutouts

The pot holder was a little disapointing


More keys

More keys

Last ditch

I made a plaster cast of the fish and I'm not sure where to go next with it. Latex? That polymer clay that bakes up flexible? I don't know.
I'm pretty much over it at the moment, so I think I'll just set this aside for a while.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gyotaku, Part 2

Well, the mold-making is on hold for the moment. When I removed the latex from the fish, the latex dried and shriveled so badly, it would be impossible to cast it with plaster...

So I decided to go with direct printing, before fishy starts to smell bad...

Here are some of the results

This fish is about 11-12 inches long

I used Luminiere paints, which gave the prints a nice iridescent shine.
Halo green, halo purple and halo red

Pewter on indigo shibori
Teal and halo red
Halo red with teal fins

This may have been the first one

Ghost print

Gold paint
Fish is back in the fridge (after washing off the gilding).
I have one more thing to try.
Tomorrow, I'll mix up some plaster, spray the fish with WD40 and lay it on top of the plaster, before it sets up. If I get a decent impression in the plaster, I'll try making a rubber half-fish.

If not, I give up.