Saturday, October 9, 2010

Indigo results!

Something about this indigo makes me want to slow down.
Contemplate how to use this cloth...
I don't really care to make bed quilts too much, but this seems to want to be made into a bed quilt -- a very special one.
It will take a very long time to make, I think.

I had such high hopes for the clamped pieces,
but the indigo didn't penetrate very far at all.

Just enough to let me see what might have been...

I used different fabrics, but many of these were Kona Premium 200 count muslin, apparently too dense for clamping...

And maybe I was a little too shy about manipulating the cloth while it was in the vat, for fear of getting too much air into the vat...

This piece was just pulled up at the center and wrapped with thread
The detail of the threads is really lovely.

Pole-wrapped -- only the very outside layer took the color.

Spiderweb binding. I had a lot of trouble untying this piece
and wound up with a couple of little holes

This came out very light and lacy looking

Karamatsu stitching

More pole-wrapping

This was kind of a squared off Karamatsu stitched piece...sorta
I like it very much

This was made by stitching wavy lines around small stitched circles.
One of my favorite pieces

No idea what I did here...

More stitched circles.

My big blue heart
Maybe the center piece for a bed quilt for us.

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