Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Overdying, batik, indigo

Since I have the indigo vat going, I figured I might as well batik and over dye some other pieces that I wasn't too thrilled with. I think my favorite tools for batik are potato mashers. I have about a dozen and I use them for all sorts of surface design applications.

Also some stamps that I made with wood and nails

Fabric tacked to a frame that DH built me. I used to just work on another piece of cloth or a towel, but this makes it so easy to see if you have good penetration.

Two sizes of maple leaf cookie cutters for this pattern

Masher and a stamp

Masher on a clean up rag -- very 3-D looking

Nail stamps

Masher and stamp


I hit this one again after I make a new stamp I've been thinking about

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