TJay built...

My eight foot tall easel -- built on 9/11. While I was glued to the TV, coming unhinged, TJay was building the easel on the front porch, with hand tools. It was weeks before I was able to use it and it was such an incredible gift.
After I admired a wine press at the Dover Winery, TJay got permission from the owner to take measurements and photos and he built this as a Christmas gift for me.

When I started quilting, TJay and I used EQ6 to design this and he made me a coffee table. It's black walnut, oak and poplar.

A side table he's working on
A birdfeeder for Mom
A drop spindle TJay made for me when I got interested in spinning wool
Knitting needles made from purpleheart wood
A birdfeeder for us

A spindle for Dee

Detail of the intarsia inlay on top of the wine rack he built

TJay working the press

The top of the wine rack before finishing. It holds 154 bottles

The rack and some raspberry wine I'm making for Mom
A thread rack TJay made for me. It holds a crazy amount of thread...
I mentioned that I'd like more silkscreens...

And he made me a dozen

Trellis for the boring side of the house. Awesome!