Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walk in the woods

I love the Fall
The color and smell of the leaves and their crunching underfoot.
The clarity of the air, especially after such a hot humid summer -- what a relief!

Such wonderful textures everywhere

Floating colors

A quiet place along the river

Mmmmm -- peaceful

A seriously toxic looking shroom

If you climb the 135 steps up the cliffside, this is your reward

Shale cliffs

The only sound was me...gasping for breath

Juniper berries?

No herons today

Half of this tree broke away. The split looks like a grumpy old man to me

Cool and crunchy

Love all the branches reflected in the water

Reflections of clouds.

My favorite shot of the day

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I sometimes wish we had forests like that in Australia, but , then, we have other natural things of beauty.

Thank you for showing them!