Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Indigo Vat and Shibori

I finally started my indigo vat. With the Jacquard kit it was very simple and painless. Mix the jar of synthetic, pre-reduced indigo with 5 gallons of water. Mix the chem pouch with warm water, dissolve and add the the vat. Stir, cover and wait. So easy...sometimes a no-brainer is just what I need. Last winter, when I wasn't knitting or snow-dyeing, I spent many pleasurable hours hand stitching, tying and clamping patterns into cloth that would enter this vat.

Ready to lift the 'flower'

First piece in!

First batch oxidizing

Turning blue

Clamping patterns

Some of these were pretty hard to manipulate in the vat

Like this monster...

Some pole-wrapped pieces

Oxidizing on an old sweater drying rack

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