Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow-dyeing - Second method

This time I used old window and door screens to hold the pre-soaked fabric and piled about 6 inches of snow on top. I had a little bit of color bleeding, since the fabric piles were a little too close, but that's okay.
All of these pieces are a yard or more and this time I tried the 50/50 cotton/bamboo blend.

Six one yard fabric pieces on a door screen over a double utility sink.

Four more yards on a window screen over a plastic tub

I can't even begin to describe this fabric. Much better than the first batch

My DH could not see the dancing chickens in this piece...he totally gave me the old eye-roll!

This one is almost 2 yards and I became so entralled in the patterns when I was ironing it that I could have gone into a trance...weird!!
Detail of the piece above. Area of about 16 x 20
See what I mean?
This part looks like ancient druids carrying torches...or something.
Whatever -- it's pretty cool fabric.

I wish you could see these in person.

These are so cool

#4 -- Sold
Really a pleasure to look at

# 3
So many unique patterns

#2 - Many look like they have lights

#1 - More to come soon -- just got some new dyes from Pro-chem

All colors are Coco and Biscuit approved. :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice results...Yes, I see the dancing chickens.