Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday -- 90 degrees at PJs

Tommy's lovely mom and sweet Aunt Ann came in today to help me make sure everything is placed right. We went for a lunch and had such a nice visit. The chairs and tables from Ireland cane in and we all went up to take a look...

I LOVE these ladies!!


Layout for Kathleen's Kitchen

Panorama of the whole mural -- sorry about the glare!

Pat -- the odd-looking thing on the left will be the front of the old chapel at Fahy. Aunt Ann says there's no roof and it's long deserted. I thought it would look cool with the gravestones around it. Also, note that there are 2 Cleary's on the right. Let me know which spot you like better. The cows and sheep will be in that spot just below and to the right of the Campbell house. They're drawn, you just can't see them in the photo... Moo

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