Friday, July 20, 2007

A New Start...sort of

I keep hearing that a blog help some folks keep on track. Well, it's worth a shot. I'm past the half-century mark. I shouldn't still be wandering down one artistic path after another, should I? Or maybe I just ought to keep track of my wanderings? That's probably a more realistic goal. Yeah, that's the ticket. Where have I wandered the last few years?

  • watercolors
  • oils
  • pastels
  • acrylics
  • etching/printmaking
  • woodcuts/printmaking
  • lino-cuts/printmaking
  • mono types
  • jewelry design/beading
  • wine making (yes -- it's an art)
  • cement/hypertufa sculpture
  • photography
  • silversmithing
  • lampwoking
  • quilting
  • felting
  • fiber-art
  • mural design
  • the Great Lakes lighthouse hunt (over 200 so far)
  • the artful garden

Yikes! As Grandma said in American Wedding: "Focus, focus!!." Actually, I am very focused right now, on a 27 x 7 foot mural that I'm working on for the new P.J.Macintyres at Kamms Corners.
I think that everything else is going to come together in fiber art. The passion I feel for this medium is unbelievable. I think this is where it will all come full circle for me. Something for me to think about until I write again.

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