Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vikki Pignatelli - beautiful and moving work

What a great evening!
I just had the great pleasure of attending a dinner, lecture and trunk show at Lake Farmpark tonight. Vikki Pignatelli did the lecture on '10 Attributes That Make a good Quilter Better'. She's been teaching at the Farmpark this week and I found out too late to get into a class, (total bummer), but it was really wonderful to meet her and see her work in person -- lots and lots of it! Blew me away -- I'm so in awe! Her work is so beautiful and she also talked about how she started Sacred Threads. I was very moved and a bit teary-eyed at the stories she told about some of her pieces. Came home feeling all warm and fuzzy! LOL.
And of, course I HAD to buy her books... : )
If anyone has the opportunity to hear her or take a class, I highly recommend her. Lots of people that were there tonight were also taking classes and they raved about her.

Vikki Pignatelli and her quilt 'Blacklick Pond'


Sequana said...

There is a show featuring Vikki on The Quilt Show - the view-on-demand online site with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. It's a great show that I have watched twice already.

Seeing her in person must have been a real kick.

Jules said...

So excited (and a bit green!) you got to see Vikki. Yippee!