Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Journal Quilt - Elements -- rejected

I have a great fascination (obsession really -- have a blog for that too) with lighthouses and shipwrecks and Great Lakes history, so for me, the 'elements' theme spoke loudly to that. When we visit a lighthouse, I'm always in awe of the power of the wind and water and the keepers and lifesavers that lived in those isolated places and braved the elements to keep the ships safe.

Crisp Point Light

This light is in the Michigan UP on the Lake Superior coast and it's one of those very isolated lights. It was better than an hour drive from a real road. Now, I love the UP, but half the "roads" are snowmobile tracks in the winter. We had to buy a snowmobile map to get to some places on our last visit!

And the Yoopers can be real comedians, when it some to giving directions...

For example, we were told to follow this one road (track) and look for another track going off to the right, but "there's no sign, so when ever you pass a track, look over your shoulder on the right and you'll see this green shed back in the woods -- you can't see it from the direction you're driving -- if they didn't tear it down yet, that's where you back up and turn..." HUH??

So, even if you visit in August -- trust me on this-- you need a snowmobile trail map!


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Gisela! This is so beautiful! Will you pleeeeeze send me this digital entry for the QuiltArt on-line "Braving the Elements" show? Gotta gotta gotta have it! ;^)

Winter Wanderings said...

Wow! I love this piece Gisela!
I hope that you have already sent it in to Linda T. Minton for the online show -- I'm sending mine in (which I still need to post up on my blog .... one day).

Anonymous said...

Oh Gisela... I love this.. it really is beautiful.. and so is the U.P. I too love to visit up there... Laura