Sunday, March 28, 2010

Building silk screens

I've been itching to work with screens since reading Rayna Gillman's book, Create your own hand printed cloth. I did some silk screening years ago, when my focus was on printmaking, but it didn't thrill me so much. I was much more into etching, intaglio, lino cut and woodcut. But the thing that Rayna does with a screen look pretty exciting. But I only had one old Speedball screen, and if I'm gonna make a mess, I'd just as soon make a BIG mess! LOL

So I asked DH to built me these...

And I bought these at the Home Depot.
I think I love that store more than my DH does.
I'll bet they don't consider themselves to be an art supply store...LOL!

After researching prices, I ordered mesh from Atlas Screen Supply

I have to say, this is the hard part -- it takes two of us to attach the mesh to the frames.

But they come out really nice and tight.
So I signed up for both of Rayna's silkscreen workshops at LQuilt and I'm rarin' to go!


Rayna said...

Can you send your DH to New Jersey to help me out with my messy old screens? What a prize!!

Have fun making a big mess and don't forget to ask me questions and post your pix. I'm here if you need me.

Marti said...

Years ago I made screens to fit my basement windows with the stuff you got at home depot. It worked surprising well!
I am going to take a surface design class in a little over a week and we will be doing some screen printing. Would love it if you could send your DH down here to get me started. LOL ps: I have my Fabric. THANKS!