Monday, November 22, 2010

Flower Pounding

Last Saturday I went to our Metropark Quilt show and Karen Benke from the Little Red Quilt House in Medina did a wonderful demo on flower pounding. She's lots of fun and I hope to get over to her shop and see what else she might be teaching there.
So of course I had to run home and hunt for flowers and give it a try.

Not too much poundable stuff left...
The only flowers left were some Gaillardia daisies and a couple of mums and one little bitty geranium bud. But I did scrounge up some Japanese maple, strawberry plant, fennel, thyme, oregano, dusty miller and an unknown vine that worked really well.

I wasn't too thrilled at first...kind of 'meh'

But it turned out that flower pounding is one of those things where 'more is more'
And it's kind of addictive...must have more flowers.
Oh -- pounding herbs is the best part -- smells fantastic!

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Unknown said...

I like this. I will have to try it next spring when the flowers come back to Michigan.