Monday, January 10, 2011

Photo Monday

This year I'll be posting scenic photos on Mondays.
Hope you enjoy them!

 Last week...
Note the green grass and cavorting squirrel and sunshine...
Well that didn't last long.

This past weekend it snowed again and early Saturday morning I took my camera for a walk before most of the plows and salt trucks sullied the pretty snow. It was cold and absolutely beautiful.

Great textures
 The sun trying to break through
 Lots of nests in all the naked trees
 You lookin' at me?
 The snow in the quince looked like cotton balls
 Another evergreen
 And another -- looks like a weeping one
 Loved this tree and its golden berries
 Obviously not tasty to the birds!
 Bits of blue peeking through the clouds
 I got scolded by this raven and his pals
Nice lines
Blood red berries

Now off to put some of that snow to work on dyeing fabric!


Nancy said...

What absolutely awesome fabrics!!
The yellow berries may not be ripe enough yet for the birds to enjoy. Or they are not natives so the birds are not accustomed to them. Nancy

Unknown said...

I love the winter snows. Everything is white and beautiful.
I have also been enjoying snow dyeing. I hope to get more snow this week so I can dye more fabric.