Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Where have I been?
Nowhere, really.
I've been  busy -- sorta.
Not much gardening this year. Six weeks of rain, then six weeks of temps in the 90's. Bleh.
Not much biking -- same reasons. Bleh.
Daughter and grandkids still living here... More bleh
Bought a trailer so I can take the Dog on bike rides -- he loves it!  Hopefully we'll have some dry weather this fall.
I made a little bedroom into a small gym. Bike, rowing machine, treadmill, free weights and weight bench. Slowly getting back into that groove.

My desktop crashed and burned, but the Geek Squad was able to save most everything. Bought a refurbished tower.
Laptop appears to be suffering from some other fatal computer crap.  More bleh.

Lots of studio organizing going on here. 
I have dyed tons of fabric. I played with resists after reading  Lisa Kerpoe's terrific series of articles in QA about Resists From The Kitchen. Lots of fun -- my favorite is the mashed potaoes.
Been making lots of new screens, did some more deconstructed screen printing,  gelatin plate printing, made a bunch of small foundation-pieced wall hangings. Been painting fabric, making stamps, doing some lino-cut and woodcut prints. Started some oil paintings for next a solo show I'm doing next summer.
Took tons of photos.
Played with the lot.

Can't even imagine life before Bugsy...

What I haven't done is blog.
I've wanted to.  but I like pictures when I post and getting photos blog-ready on this new/used computer is a pain in my patootie.
So I'll try and 'get over it' and get back to posting, coz I really have lots to show you.   : )


Lisa K said...

Yes, life does go on, doesn't it?! Bugsy is a doll and deserves all the time and attention! Hope your computer woes are all finished.

Unknown said...

I have missed you and I'm glad that you are back. I hope you get your computer issues figured out because I would love to see pictures of what you have been up to.

Cobi said...

happy to see you posting again. I was wondering if you were OK.

Robbie said...

OMG...Bugsy is a handsome one isn't he!!! How adorable he is!!! You are both so lucky to have each other! There's nothing like a Bichon whether a rescue (our Mandy was a rescue Bichon) or from a breeder. They are special dogs for sure!