Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Comfort quilt for Gerri

Around Thanksgiving, my MIL was diagnosed with lung cancer and I wanted to make her a comfort quilt. I actually got it done before her treatments started!

I wanted something bright and colorful, but not too sickly sweet (coz she's so not that kind of a gal at all), so I decided to finally dip into my snow dyes. I know, right?
I cut several yards into strips and mixed them up and started sewing them all together.

Mostly random.

Till I had two large panels like this

Here was the really hard part...cutting it all up again...on the diagonal

Here are the new strips on the design wall

And here is the end result with some more snow dyed fabric for a border.

I loved the finished quilt, but all that sewing on the bias was a bitch!!  I might have to make one for myself...    

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