Friday, December 6, 2013

Thank God it's December!

November just about did me in!
My Mom had a hip replacement, my best friend sold his house and moved to the tropics, my foster pups got their forever home and flew away and my daughters apartment burned and she and the kids lost almost everything.  Whew!

My Mom is doing great with the new hip, my daughters friends and the kids schools have really rallied around them and she doing great as well now. 
I miss my friend and the pups terribly, but my little silly monkeys have a great new Mom who will love them so much and as for my best friend...well, who wouldn't want to live in a tropical paradise?

At the airport -- they let me hang out with the twins till it was time for them to go to the plane. I cried a lot...

I'm pretty sure Casey was sticking out his tongue at me

Also pretty sure that's the "I thought you loved us" look from Alex...

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Robbie said...

Oh...I know the little ones have a forever home but i can't imagine letting the go!! Heartbreaking isn't it...but you gave them the love they needed it at the time they needed it!! Great job!