Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

TJay ALWAYS does amazing things on this special day for us. Every year he really outdoes himself. And I'm always clueless...
My friend (and neighbor) Alex has family that lives out in the country and we've got a couple of burls from her, for TJay to use on his lathe. A couple of weeks ago she said her brother had more burls, but they wouldn't fit in her car, so I'd have to drive down with her in my truck to pick them up. Okay, cool, I could do that. Wednesday night I realized the day we had set was V Day, and told her we would have to reschedule for the weekend. A little while later, my phone rang...over and over. Friends and family, from all over the country were calling and telling me they knew people that needed burls. Huh??? Okay, I can take a hint -- hubby wants me out of the house, right? NOT!
It turns out that the outing with Alex had nothing to do with was a trick to get me to drive out to where she took flying lessons and my V Day surprise was getting to FLY A PLANE!!!

Here's the plane we used -- Dan, Alex's flight instructor was awesome.

Here's Alex, who was in cahoots with TJay

Tjay had insisted that I take a camera (thank God!) to take pictures of Alex's brother's 'cabin'. This was the only cabin I saw!

Ohio farmlands

The icepack on Lake Erie looked way cool from above!

Cedar Point amusement park was the most colorful thing we saw on this snow-covered ground.

Marblehead Lighthouse from above was awesome! This one may have to become a painting...

The gracial grooves on Kelly's Island -- we landed there for just a minute -- but not in the grooves. After we left Kelly's Island, I got to fly back to shore and a little farther before I got nervous and gave the controls back to Dan...

Last look across Lake Erie

The landing and the finish to an amazing surprise.

I love you TJay!!


Jules said...

Beautiful! Fabulous gift!!

I'm originally from Ohio, loved the views. :)

Ruth Clarity said...

How kool is that? Kudos to Tjay for original thinking! LOL...Happy Valentine's day to both of you!

Alanna in Kettering, OH

PaMdora said...

Oh wow, I found your post about the flight -- amazing!

Great Adventure!