Sunday, June 29, 2008

How long is too long... save prepared dyes? I mixed up these dyes on the third and fourth. I meant to use them all up that week, but other stuff got in the way and I got sidetracked. Gee, there's something new...
I realized last week that i still had dye to use, but had to put everything away to clean house for company. Now, THAT really is something new! (the cleaning part, not having guests...) Cleaning in summer is sporadic at best -- no time -- to much else to do!

I don't know how good the dye will take, but that's okay. I can batik, stamp and over dye.

Did this one hanging in the tub. (not me -- the fabric) Might make a cool sunset if the color keeps.

Then I realized that I was missing all these great splatters...

Not to worry -- had more fabric soaking in soda ash.

Did this one last. Only had Chinese Red and black dye left.

Call the C.S.I. !!

Yikes! Can you say Norman Bates? Luckily, I had lots of Soft Scrub that I got for discharging and it all cleaned up real nice. It really marbled in a cool way though... :)

Also did a gradation of fuchsia and some odds and ends of other leftover colors.

Some more work on the mural.

Now I'm dog-tired...


Lorie McCown said...

Now that was good use of dye! I've kept mine for a looong time in a plastic container with a lid..I love the 'catch the splatter' part. Nice work

~White Rabbit~ said...

lol, thats cool.