Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday doings

Continuing work on the Ballycroy mural - buildings roughed in.

Campbell houses

Cleary's Pub, road, and stone wall.

In between waiting for the paint to dry, I pulled out my books and dyes and fabrics. I'm tired of waiting for the weather -- I'll just heat the kitchen for the batching...

I'm going to dye some unbleached cottons, a couple of beautiful textured 'bags' for feather beds, that I got from my Mom, and what-used-to-be my window treatment. What a goofy expression - 'window treatment.' When did they stop being curtains? I missed that memo. Anyway, it was black, burgundy and cream colored fabric, that really just seems to be nothing more that dyed cheesecloth. I'll probably discharge most of the black and burgundy, but I'm going to try dyeing the lighter stuff. I had a couple of yards of plain white cheesecloth too, that's going into the dye pots as well.

Six gallons of soda ash solution and soaking fabrics. The pitcher is about 8-9 yards of the cream colored cheesecloth/curtains/window treatment.

Chem water ready for the morning. I'm so excited to finally be doing this!!

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