Friday, July 11, 2008

Hope I did this right...

Last night I mixed up some dyes and dyed the batiks for the second time. As I was prepping stuff, I checked my books and found that I should have put the fabrics in the soda ash solution, BEFORE applying the wax...oops! I hauled out a big flattish tub and carefully put all the waxed pieces inside to soak.
Then I got to wondering about how to batch these, since I wanted several different colors in each piece. Here's what i came up with:

I cut a stack of big trash bags down one side and opened up the top one. Pulled the first piece out of the soda ash and laid it on the opened plastic 'envelope.'

Squirted dye to my heart's content. :)

Laid the top of the bag back over the fabric, folded up all the edges and lifted the whole piece (more or less flat) and laid it another tub.I kept stacking them up that way, put a lid on it and set the stove to batch overnight. The pilot lights on the stove seem to keep it a nice temperature for batching.

Then today, I took the whole lot outside, pulled them out of the plastic, hung them on a line in the yard and hosed them off. Here's that piece in the other pictures.

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