Friday, October 31, 2008

Oops -- didn't mean to do that!

Pins and Needles sent me a sale flyer.
Huge sale.
I went to look for a Juki 98Q or a Janome 1600P. I've been looking for a machine with a little bit longer arm for quilting. They didn't have either one. I should have just bought that half price Angelina and walked away...
What they did have was a really good sales lady that somehow convinced me that I needed this Babylock Ellure. I was very vulnerable (just got paid for working at the 'Taste'). It is a pretty sweet machine and it's used, so the price was amazing. It's my first computerized machine and, I gotta admit, THAT is so cool.
So I took her home and started looking into digitizing software, because I'm not really interested in using someone else's designs. Holy Crap!! The software costs WAYYYYY more that the machine did. (sigh...) So, I downloaded several of those 30-day trial programs to see which one will let me do the things I want to do for the least amount of money and aggravation. I'm having fun trying out the programs. I already digitzed about 50 lighhouses working from my own photos. Maybe this could actually generate some income!

Any input or suggestions regarding software would be greatly appreciated!

My new baby (note the lack of a longer arm for quilting...)

Headed to the corn maze at Mapleside Farm

Tha apple trees were loaded!!

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