Friday, December 12, 2008

My latest canvas

My latest canvas is really hard -- as in a cement-kind-of-hard. It a Celtic border around the this basement room at P.J. McIntyre'ss which will be for private parties or a place for a more peaceful pint than the crowd packed main floor of the pub. They also want their logo on the floor and another Celtic knot at the base of the stairs. Now that it's done, my knees and elbows are shot. Ouch.
My raw canvas.
5 inch border all the way around the room and hall.
8 foot logo in the center of the floor. To give you an idea of the size -- that purple thing is the folded yoga mat that I used while lying on the floor for 3 days. Ouch.
The finished logo -- no quite dry. Done with Smith's cement stains.
The finished logo, after a contractor applied a diamond coat to seal it.

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Anonymous said...

THis is really beautiful.... that had to be hard for you...