Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Inspired by all the great knitty blogs, I tackled something besides a scarf. Everyone got scarves for the holidays, even three dogs. Many, many scarves. Time to move on, be brave, reach for the stars! Or at least smaller needles...for a hat!
I have socks on the needles too, since I've been buying all this awesome sock yarn, I figured I should actually learn to knit socks. I got the Twisted Sisters sock book and fell in love with all the beautiful socks. They all look so snuggly!

This colorway is called sand and sea. I'm knitting my first hat. A really fun, long hat that will flop over and hang to my shoulder with a pom-pom on the end. (OMG -- it's a gnome hat!)The pattern confused me, because it said I could use any yarn and any needles. Just figure out your gauge and there's a chart that tells you how many to cast on. Really, I think I needed less options than that...

Here's the fabric after blocking (another first for me)

While the hat was drying, I started a scarf for TJay with this crazy-thick yarn. Only 4 WPI!

The gauge? One and a half stitches per inch... (think this will go fast?)

Then I sewed up the seam in my hat. It may fit the Incredible Hulk...sigh.

Okay -- at least it's wool.
I guess I can wash it in hot water and make a felted hat...

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