Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yet another sneak peek

After designing the applique of Bucky in EQ6, I printed him up, full size, and taped him to my 'light box' to see what adjustments I needed to make. Then I printed out a bazillion pieces on freezer paper...well it seemed like it. Happily, EQ also prints out a master chart with numbers and letters that match the applique patches. Unhappily, I had so much crap around the eyes and nose, that all the letters and numbers printed on top of each other on the master and I couldn't decipher any of it...

My light box

Buck body fused to the center panel of the quilt.
I added another design wall behind the ironing board. It's one of those Fons and Porter portable ones and it works just great.

Giving the body some definition.

Starting on the face.

All the pieces fused into place.
Time to put some batting behind Buck and start stitching.


Meg in Tennessee said...

Good work, looks wonderful. Love the eyes, might have to try with my guys. Have to upgrade my EQ5 to 6, I've been seeing how much easier everything is in 6.

Gisela Towner said...

Thanks Meg!
This is the third applique piece I've done of the same dog, but he's so darned cute.
EQ6 was my first EQ and I just love it.