Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting ready to deconstruct!

Rayna Gillman has a Deconstructed Screen Printing workshop at LQuit.
I have GOT to get to one of her classes. I've really enjoyed everything that I've tried from her book, the QA dvd and the online workshop!
I'm going to need a bigger worktable, I think. By the time I got everything set up and all the stuff-that-I-wanted-to-try-to-pull-dye-over, gathered, I had about 3 square feet of studio left...

I made print paste a couple of days ago and mixed up bright yellow, strongest red and mixing blue.

I made the first screen over this really hideous. plastic. silver. plastic. lace. plastic. table runner.

And I used way too much dye paste, so I tore up some fabric, ran down and gave it a quick soak in soda ash solution and used the pieces to muck up the extra dye,

Mucking up another set-up. The cloth was wet, but I still got some pretty interesting pieces that way.

Oh look -- there are the gloves that I forgot to put on because I was so excited to try this...
Oops...too late.

Another set-up of dollar bin trivets and crocheted doilies.

More mucking up

I actually managed all this mess without a drop of dye on the white carpet!!

I think the screen with this set-up will be pretty cool.

Clean up from the first two -- before I figured out how much paste to use!

Three more -- can't wait till tomorrow to see what I get from the screens!

And another three.

All nine screens on my drawing table, drying.

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