Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Shibori discharge

These all started as Kona black.

This piece was those glass half-marble thingies wrapped with tiny rubber bands.
It's the largest piece and it took many days.

Detail of above piece.
Circular shapes are about 2 inches across.

I love how this came out. This was pole wrapped.

Detail of above.

This one was stitched and although it's darker in color, the bleach penetrated farther.

This piece was clamped.

Another clamped piece.

I used another kind of clamp on these and was really pleased with the results.

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suewinginmaine said...

LOVE the clamps, makes me want to go to Home Depot and blow some more money there, you are such an enabler!! LOL
love the prints also great inspiration but alas we had snow flakes this morning in Maine, no outside dying YET!!