Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New mural at P.J. McIntyre's

I did another mural for P.J. McIntyre's last month, sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey

Here are some working photos. Although this was done on a flat wall, they wanted the look of old bricks on this section of wall. The first layer is primer and then I made a rubber stamp and mixed up a bucket of various textured acrylic mediums to lay on the faux bricks.

Textured background
 Next I painted the Jameson label background color and painted in the 'mortar' in various shades of greenish/gray.

The area is about 9 feet high and 12-13 feet wide

 Next was painting in the bricks over the mortar.

Adding bricks

Brick detail
 Then I painted the label from the bottle

Thought I was finished here.
 But it was too pristine and Pat asked me to come back and make it look old and beat up -- like the bricks



Lisa K said...

Wow - it looks great! Thanks for showing how you did the bricks -very clever.

Fibra Artysta said...

Wow! That is awesome! You did a fantastic job! :)

queenopearls said...

Oh Gisela, I had lunch there last week and meant to email you how GORGEOUS your art is there! Well, everywhere, but there I was blown away... again!!! I was with two work associates and I was pointing out your work to they were stunned. As well they should be!!
Melissa @ P.J. McIntyre's (our server) bragged boldly about you and your art. :)
~Christina in Lakewood

Robbie said...

VERY cool!!! Great art! You are talented!