Monday, January 21, 2008

What to do when it's 7 degrees out...

Ok, I'm so stoked! I've cut up the old sheets into fat quarterish pieces. Got my gloves. Lined the kitchen counter with hefty bags. Here goes nothin'!

Got two kinds of Soft Scrub. I thought the 'new thicker' gel might be good for manipulating. It is!

This is the piece laying on the gel. I kind of finger-painted it onto the plastic (those are my finger marks) laid on the fabric and gently patted it down. So far, so good. The white is actually the black fabric. Bad flash.
I just laid this piece of fabric on the clean plastic and dipped a cookie cutter into the regular SS and stanped it on. Did one with stars and one with hearts. V.D. is coming soon, after all.
Laid in the tub to ferment. Might as well get a clean tub out of it, right?

And so I wait...and wait...............................and wait. Nothing, nada, nichts, nix, nyet, no way -- nothing happened!!

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