Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making Marge

My friend Spencer is playing in a Pride softball tournament tomorrow. Everyone will be dressed as a TV character. Spencer is going as Marge Simpson and asked me to make his costume. No problem I said -- just take a couple of hours. Doh! Six hours later...

Starched a piece of artist canvas till it was good and stiff. (puns were flying everywhere) Then pinned it to his head and sewed a seam.

Rolled up batting to fill the canvas tube. Looks more like a conehead from SNL.

Covered the cone with bright blue fleece.

Put a drawstring on top to make the top rounded.

Added 'snakes' of batting to make it more bumpy.

Cut scallops around the face and added an elastic chin strap. He/she has to run in this get-up!

Made a sleeve at the top of the dress fabric for elastic and sewed in boobies. Less chance of losing them, if they're attached!

Added a couple of tucks in the breasts for shape.

Painted a pair of deck shoes with scarlet red textile paint and sewed a split ring and lobster clasp to some pom-pom rope. All done!

Here he/she is in all her glory....


:Diane said...

Marge would be so proud! Holy Cow, man, that is very creative.

Lisa - Garden Gate Quilting said...

Love it! But did you really staple it to his head?!? LOL

Gisela Towner said...

Oops!!! That woulda HURT!
No -- I just pinned the seam while it was on his head, although a couple of time I did want to poke after the dress was done and he was trimming a seam, while I was making the necklace, and he cut a hole in the dress! Thank God for Bo-nash...@@

Tanguera said...

Well done. Hope he shaves his chest. I don't think Marge is quite that hairy. Great costume.

ann said...

What a cool, fun outfit. Takes talent and creativity to make this + nerve to wear it. Hope he had FUN!

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

oh shes a beauty...great job