Saturday, June 7, 2008

Over-exuberent felting and some discharging

Worked on the mural today, made a felted vessel for Joe and discharged some fabric. Pretty productive day!
I made the vessel over a 10 inch ball. My arms were too sore (from lifting all the the paver stones) to do all the ball bouncing that's required, so I thought I'd just toss the ball in the dryer, on hot, and see if that would work. The ball and wool were wrapped in tulle and 2 pantyhose butts. Well it worked okay, BUT when I took it off of the ball, I wound up with a couple of spots that were really thin. Maybe I didn't use enough wool or maybe the ridges in the dryer caused it to shift a little. Maybe both. I decided to toss it in the washer on really hot (duh!) to shrink it up a bit, hoping to close up those thin spots. Here's what I wound up with:

On the left -- from the class I took with Fran Steinbock...
On the right -- the furry little mess I pulled out of the washing machine...
They were made on the same ball.

I used 4-5 different kinds of wool, silk and angelina. Obviously, everything shrank at a different rate AND the water was WAY too hot. The white bits are the silk, which all but disappeared

After I trimmed it up and gave it a shave -- LOL !

Then in between waiting for paint to dry, I discharged some black cotton. Used some cookie cutters, splattered some and smeared some Some are straight bleach and some are done with soft scrub.

I like the arrows best.

For this piece, I soaked a 16 inch doily in bleach and laid it on the fabric.

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Margarita Korioth said...

I like all your dyed fabrics and love, really your painted patio.