Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fabric hardener experiment

I tried the Paverpol last week. I decided that it was really kind of awful to work with. The stuff was horribly thick and the working time was very short. It was drying on the fabric as quick as I could get it on there.
Someone suggested exterior wood glue, so I'm trying that now. I like $8 a quart better than over $40 a litre (with shipping). It's yellow in the bottle, but has dried pretty close to clear.

I covered a pint glass with cling wrap and covered it with strips of fabric thoroughly saturated with Titebond II.
Removed the glass and cling wrap after 24 hours. Here it is after 4 days, pretty dry and hard. I'm moving outside to test for sun and rain. Then I'll stick it in the freezer...

I got some terra cotta colored Powertex from Crafter's Cafe and will try that next. Powertex also comes in bronze, clear, and charcoal colors.

More work on Ballycroy.

Awww! Isn't Biscuit pretty in the flowers?


Rod Webb said...

I've just ordered some paverpol, will be interesting if mine is thick and difficult to use. Like the glue idea, will keep looking for your progress,
Rod Webb

Unknown said...

I would love to know how your experiments with Paverpol and alternatives turned out. I am looking for an affordable alternative. Love your blog. Kim

Anonymous said...

I tried Powertex, which is a liquid. It is the best fabric hardener on the market. It doesn't dry so fast so You have time to finish your artwork. It's the most versatile product on the market.
I ordered it at

Unknown said...

I’m interested in your experiment outcomes also I’m just about to try exterior Awuadeer glue instead of paverpol . I have used powertex also but price and shipping makes me try alternatives .