Friday, December 12, 2008

Seeing red!

I truly do not know how to deal with this. I spent almost 30 hours on the cement floor at PJ's doing the Celtic artwork (previous post). Hard, hard, hard job. I could barely walk for 2 days, when I was done.

Pat and Tommy had a contractor come in and do an acid stain on the unpainted part of the floor and a diamond coat to seal everything. The bastard signed his name to the border of my artwork in 5 inch tall letters with a Sharpie, along with his jackass sidekick, someone who goes by 'Bigfoot." Pat and I tried sanding off the names and I put cement stain over it before the sealant was put on, but Sharpies bleed and you can still see some of it.

What kind of a person would sign their name to another person's artwork?
To make it even worse, he's running around town telling people to go see the beautiful artwork that "HE" did on the floor at PJ's. As if that alcoholic POS could keep his hands steady enough...the bastard barely got HIS part of the work done in time because he's so deep into the bottle!

I'm stunned beyond belief. Has this happened to you? Do I have any recourse?
Did I mention that the bastard is my neighbor??
I saw him outside a couple of days ago and he tried to say hello. I put up my hand, looked away and kept walking. I literally saw red, my stomach started churning and it sounded like train was rushing through my head. I'm losing sleep and every time I think of it (which is a lot) I get nauseous. I used to be the most peaceful person -- now this crap is eating me up.


Karen Newman Fridy said...

Yikes! What a JERK! I don't know what your legal options are...I do know from having to sue a client to get paid that going anywhere near the legal process is a big, expensive pain in the backside. You can, at least, do some proactive advertising of your a picture/bio in a prominant place there explaining your work, or just a "Flooring design by" kind of sign.

So sorry this has happened...I would be furious too. It happens in an indirect way with me all too often with architects...the interior design (my part) is what's obvious to the public, but their names are what go on the bronze dedication plaques when the building opens, and they take the credit for the project. I've had one firm accept public recognition (right in front of me!) for their work on a major renovation, when it was all based on MY programming, space planning, and design. And another submitted a project and won an AIA award for it...when I asked if they had credited me I got no response.

Roxie the Doxie said...

I saw your post on QA and came here.... like you, I cannot believe the balls of some jerks.

Here's a suggestion: the restaurant that contracted with you to do the artwork should step up to bar and declare you as the artist. Something big as in a huge article with pictures in the local papers showing the work, the artist and a writeup about your work as an artist in general. Sometimes the threat of a lawsuit or of negative publicity will work.

It amazes me what the SOB did, but I'm glad you were able to destroy his name, at least partially.

I don't suppose a surreptitious visit to the place with some black paint would be possible?

I'd also boycott the restaurant until they gave your appropriate credit.... and tell all your friends, relations, church folk to send letters too..

I hope this gets resolved......

Gena in Michigam

wlstarn said...

Do you have any in-progress photos with YOU in them? Maybe hang those on the wall in that room? Maybe have a sign made that gives you credit? Is there a place for YOUR business cards? And newspaper or tv publicity about your work on the floor certainly couldnt hurt.

Good luck; I hope you get some form of justice.

momid5 said...

Sadly, this kind of BS happens frequently in "academic" circles..My mother did all of the scientific research for a medical study, patient labs , blood, everything for two years..The hospital Lab Director published under his name and got credit...refused to even admit Mom's involvement let alone credit her. SO yes DO USE ALL of the previous suggestions.GET YOUR NAME OUT INTO THE PUBLIC!!

Gisela Towner said...

Great idea -- thanks so much. I need to handle this in a positive way and not stoop to this person's level. Good idea!

I have a great working relationship with the restaurant and have done several murals for them, with more in the works for the new room. I think they will be more than willing to help me resolve this. I'm finding out that this bozo actually claims that he 'owns' some of the places where he's done work. Unbelievably arrogant!!

I like the sign idea a lot and there's and there's an Irish-American paper here that might be perfect for an article.

I'm hering this from a lot of people, in many different fields. Whatever happened to honor and integrity?


Sandra said...

I agree-pursue the positive-publicize your work rather than focusing on him. Perhaps in his strange world, he feels like his application is art?? Btw, did you sign your work? If not add a signature to the flooring with 'mosaic created by Gisella'
Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Definitely get someone from the arts section of the local paper to come in and do an article about you and the floor. Do NOT mention the jackass. After the article comes out you will hear from people saying "well so-and-so said HE did it." Take the high road. Just tell them, "well, I don't know if you misunderstood him. But the mural work is mine."

You must be the bigger person here so others see him for the liar he is. Have the restaurant put up the sign with your picture and info stating it's your work- your design, all hand done.

As for the medical article- that is normal. Underlings never get credit for the actual study however, GOOD MD researchers make sure the by-line includes everyone who worked on the project. Obviously this doc was/is a jerk. But the MD always gets first listing no matter who did the majority of the leg work.