Monday, April 26, 2010

As long as I'm already making a mess...

...might as well make a big mess!

Had this in the fridge for gelatin plate printing. From Rayna Gillman's book 'Create your own Cloth' and her Quilting Arts workshop DVD "Printing from your Pantry"

Fresh pile of stuff including my collection of potato mashers that I use for batik. These are some of my favorite toys -- I'm always hunting for cool mashers.

And this gives me a chance to try out my new Karen Pharr textile paints that I bought at the Sewing Expo.

Masher 1

Masher 2

Rayna has a piece in her book done with this same masher I think.

I pruned a plant for this one.

First layer was a piece of the varmint fence that the bunnies chewed through to eat all of my beans and pepper plants and carrots and radishes and kohlrabi last summer (but I'm not bitter...) and a second layer with sequin waste.

A little of everything

More mashers

I was maybe a little too enthusiastic and the plate started cracking, but I like that too. I'm saving to play some more tomorrow. After the screen printing.

This was so much fun I could barely stop myself.
I have a hundred more thing I want to try this with.

I wonder how large of a gelatin plate I could make?


Vicki W said...

They turned out great! I am looking forward to playing with some gelatin printing this summer.

Judy Ferguson said...

Enjoyed looking at all your experiments. They are really great. Hope you can use these in something soon. Would like to see them.

Tara Fitness said...

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