Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gyotaku, Part 2

Well, the mold-making is on hold for the moment. When I removed the latex from the fish, the latex dried and shriveled so badly, it would be impossible to cast it with plaster...

So I decided to go with direct printing, before fishy starts to smell bad...

Here are some of the results

This fish is about 11-12 inches long

I used Luminiere paints, which gave the prints a nice iridescent shine.
Halo green, halo purple and halo red

Pewter on indigo shibori
Teal and halo red
Halo red with teal fins

This may have been the first one

Ghost print

Gold paint
Fish is back in the fridge (after washing off the gilding).
I have one more thing to try.
Tomorrow, I'll mix up some plaster, spray the fish with WD40 and lay it on top of the plaster, before it sets up. If I get a decent impression in the plaster, I'll try making a rubber half-fish.

If not, I give up.


Fibra Artysta said...

Oh man, you are such a brave woman. How is it possible that that thing doesn't stink to high heaven yet? Or do you just not have a good sense of smell? ;-)

Gisela Towner said...

It probably was getting funky, but the smell must have been masked from the chemicals in the silicone and the latex.
Still having a little bit of a cold may have helped...LOL!