Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm not giving up till it starts to stink...thank God my Husband loves me so much...

It really is a pretty fish -- look at that face!

Now I'm trying latex -- the kind you dip tool handles in.
If my results turn out okay (fingers crossed) and you decide to try this at home, use a respirator and nitrile gloves and do it outdoors. REALLY toxic stuff. Really!!

Here's my little guy with the third layer of latex.
I think this may work...

Here I flipped him over after drying to see how bad the stuff seeped to the back
Not bat at all!

After pulling the latex off the detail looks pretty good.
I'm doing the other side (he doesn't stink yet...) and I'll try plaster casts after a couple of days drying time.


Unknown said...

persistance pays off! I'm looking forward to seed what you do next!



Unknown said...

oops - that should be "see" spell chack before hitting the send button is always good!

Gisela Towner said...

That didn't work, but I didn't give up yet...